Dyad EP

Dyad is my new EP composed together with francesco rosati.
This work is based on the elaboration, with custom made and opensource software, of concrete samples recorded live and free improvised.
The result is two tracks we’ve called Monads and two manipulation of those Monads called Re-monads.
I’ll hope you enjoy this strange experimental EP….




If you are a netlabel and you’re interested to release this EP in your catalog, contact me please!

Un pensiero su “Dyad EP

  1. NDiaga

    Nelson Goodman in Ways of Worldmaking describes how every baby ccnstruots a universe, using sensory input and the biological tools it’s born with. Language provide the means to remember, share, and understand. None of us can fully know another, or be known completely. So the Jews are right — when a person dies, a universe is lost.But we are social (tribal) animals; no one becomes human without a community. Language makes us one with our group, and ties us into tribal memories. So we’re both radically alone, and inextricably dependent on community. It’s a mean old world anyway; better have help.

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