my new track in a compilation

This incredible compilation is finally here…Create a song using the Casio VL Tone as the only source material. Sample it, multi-track, what-ever. The only catch was you can’t use outside sounds (i.e. drum machines, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, etc). You can use external sequencers or DAW’s to organize the song. Audio FX (distortion, chorus, reverb, pitch shift, etc etc) can also be used to manipulate the VL-Tone, and Vocals could be used as well to allow for some added creativity from the artist.

The point of this compilation was to have fun. Some of the songs sound so different that you wouldn’t believe it was originally from the VL-1 to begin with. It truly shows how amazing this one little keyboard/calculator is. It was a classic from the 80’s and We really felt this compilation had to be done. It is of course not the extent of what can be done with a Casio VL-Tone, and we encourage anyone and everyone to pick one up. It’s a powerful little device that we’re sure the designers never thought would be held with such high regard.

In this compilation you can find my track My Electronic Musical Instrument


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